Recept: appeltaart



voor de bodem:
250 gram tarwemeel
250 gram bloem
150 gram plantaardige margarine
1 theelepel kaneel
¼ liter diksap
1 dl water

voor de vulling:
800 gram appels
250 gram rozijnen
2 theelepels kaneel


Meng alle ingrediënten voor de bodem en kneed ze goed door elkaar. Bekleed hiermee een springvorm.

Schil de appels en meng ze met de rozijnen en de kaneel. Vul hiermee de springvorm.

Verwarm de oven voor op 200 graden, en bak de taart in ongeveer 45 minuten.

Anima Mundi

categorieën: films, Klimaatverandering, Permacultuur

Will you survive the transition of human industrial civilization happening now due to peak oil and climate change? Can you see the forest for the trees, the earth for the dream, the universe for the seed? Anima Mundi is a film about hope, but its also a film about no hope, it's a film about reality, from the outside looking in.

Anima Mundi is a new documentary movie (Coming Soon) on Permaculture, the Gaia theory, Peak Oil survival and Climate Change (man-made or not) featuring David Holmgren (co-originator of Permaculture), John Seed (Deep Ecology), Dr Stephan Harding (Gaia Science and author of Animate Earth), Dr Vandana Shiva (Human Rights - Environment - Philosophy), Michael C Ruppert (from the movie Collapse), Michael Reynolds (from the film The Garbage Warrior), Fiona Corke (Wildlife), Dr Christine James (Psychology), Dr Mark O'Meadhra (Integrative Medicine), Su Dennet (Permaculture), Alanna Moore (Permaculture) and Permablitz.

Written and Directed by Peter Charles Downey.

Soundtrack song is The Inner Workings composed by Peter Charles Downey. Copyright 2010