Recept: abrikoos-chocolade-balletjes



250 gram gedroogde abrikozen
100 gram gedroogde kokos
50 gram hazelnoten
75 gram pure chocola (reep)


De abrikozen koken in een beetje water en daarna pureren. De hazelnoten fijnhakken en mengen met de abrikozen en de citroenrasp.

Een uur af laten koelen en balletjes van draaien.
De chocolade raspen en de balletjes erdoor rollen.

Back to the Garden

categorieën: films

Director: Kevin Tomlinson
Duration: 70 min
Country: USA, 2009

For all your neo-hippies out there! In the sixties they were satirized and vilified for rejecting materialism and corporate culture, in the seventies they stopped the war, started communes, urged back to the land and environmental sustainability...but by the eighties they had virtually disappeared from everyday life. So where did all the “flowers” go?

Back to the Garden presents a time-lapse view—twenty years in the lives of a group of idealist baby boomers who rejected and dropped out of the mainstream, who went back to the land, overcoming many personal sacrifices In pursuit of their dreams. And it's a film about us too, because the counterculture of the sixties affected all of us and forever changed our ideas about how we define love, wealth, spirituality and freedom.