Recept: witlofschuitjes



3 struikjes witlof
1 grote sinaasappel
½ citroen
1 rode grapefruit
200 gram gemengde notenpasta (van Horizon of Monki)


Van de witlof 20 mooie blaadjes wassen en droogdeppen. Sinaasappel en citroen uitpersen en het sap zeven. Dit beetje bij beetje door de notenpasta roeren.
Op smaak brengen met de cayennepeper.

De grapefruit dik schillen en de partjes tussen de vliezen uitsnijden.

De witlofblaadjes vullen met de notenpuree en garneren met partjes grapefruit.

Big River

categorieën: films

Big River is het vervolg op de film King Corn.
Dezelfde makers gaan in deze film op zoek naar de ecologische consequenties van hun mais.


Following up on their Peabody winning documentary, the King Corn boys are back. For Big River, best friends Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis have returned to Iowa with a new mission: to investigate the environmental impact their acre of corn has sent to the people and places downstream. In a journey that spans from the heartland to the Gulf of Mexico, Ian and Curt trade their combine for a canoe––and set out to see the big world their little acre of corn has touched. On their trip, flashbacks to the pesticides they sprayed, the fertilizers they injected, and the soil they plowed now lead to new questions, explored by new experts in new places. Half of Iowa’s topsoil, they learn, has been washed out to sea. Fertilizer runoff has spawned a hypoxic “dead zone” in the Gulf. And back at their acre, the herbicides they used are blamed for a cancer cluster that reaches all too close to home.