Recept: Reuzenzwam met Green zebra's

Green zebra


- reuzenzwam, jong
- olie en/of boter
- green zebra tomaten
- 1 ui, in ringen
- 1 prei in ringen en gewassen
- teen knoflook, geperst
- ketchup
- peper, zout, paprikapoeder


Borstel de zwammen goed schoon en snijd in repen.

Verhit olie en/of boter in een bakpan en bak hierin de zwam met de ui. Voeg hier de prei en de tomaten aan toe en laat even op hoog vuur, onder voortdurend roeren lekker bakken.

De overige ingrediënten toevoegen en nog een minuut of 10 op het vuur laten.

Consuming Passions, the Anthropology of Eating

categorieën: boeken

Auteur: Peter Farb & George Armegalos
Uitgever: Publisher Houghton MifflinBoston (USA), 1980
ISBN: 03-952-94487


The relationship of eating behavior to culture and society is explored from an anthropologic perspective. Anthropologists suggest that to discover where, when, what, how and with whom food is eaten is to learn how a society functions. Food habits, customs, beliefs, and attitudes throughout the world are examined. The biological and evolutionary aspects of eating are described. Eating practices are discussed in relation to the life cycle; the association of eating with symbols, status, gift-giving, feasting, social and kinship relations, and ritual is analyzed. Food preferences and avoidances which may characterize an entire culture are considered. Contemporary issues in diet and eating (hunger, obesity, fast foods, food additives, nutrient excesses, food processing, and food safety) are discussed from the anthropologist's viewpoint in an epilogue.