Recept: zoetzure bietjes


Een lekker bijgerecht bij aardappeltjes bijvoorbeeld.


3 bieten
2 zure appels
1 ui
klein pepertje in stukjes, zonder de pitjes
scheut balsamico-azijn
halve deciliter water


Snijd de ui in stukjes en bak glazig in de olie.
Kook de bieten net gaar, schil ze dan en snijd ze in dunne plakjes.
De appels in stukjes snijden en doe deze stukjes plus de plakjes biet bij de ui in de pan.
Voeg dan het water, de azijn, het pepertje en zout toe. Goed doorroeren en even laten sudderen.


Lekker met een (soja)-yoghurtsaus.

Dar Fur War for Water

categorieën: Acties, films, Klimaatverandering, water

Met gevaar voor eigen leven reist filmmaker en mensenrechtenactivist Kriznar af naar Darfur, met een vredesmissie, een samenwerking met de Sloveense ex-president Janez Drnovsek. Met een kleine handheldcamera spreekt hij rebellen en vluchtelingen, en filmt hij extreme ellende in het oorlogsgebied. Ook ontdekt hij waar het jarenlange conflict werkelijk om draait: water.
Vanwege de klimaatverandering is er steeds minder toegang tot water.

Van de site darfurwarforwater.com:

Dar Fur – War for Water is about a mission, that Tomo Križnar, a human rights activist and (former) Slovenian President Janez Drnovsek's special emissary in Darfur, made.
While Kriznar presents Slovenian peace initiative to various fractions of Sudanese Liberation Army, he films on camera very emotional and priceless talks with main rebel leaders and with civilians.

This is the first film about Darfur, which enables the rest of the World to have an insight into mentality of the rebels in Darfur and events, that took place there from February to June 2006. The documentary gives us the answer, why the peace, which was signed in Abudja in Nigeria between the Sudanese governement and the only signatory on the other side, self-proclaimed SLA leader, Minni Minawi, was obviously just a political charade, which still goes on today.

This documentary tells and shows with strong argumentation, that war in Darfur is not merely a war of people in Darfur against insignificance of Sudan and against arabic greed for petroleum and natural resources, but it is above all - due to climatic changes - war for water. The richest springs of water are found in Djebel Mara in Darfur, where the Furs live (Dar Fur means home of the Fur), who are the biggest victims of this war, indeed. By showing shocking statements of women, who were raped and with the shots of military actions and dead people, this documentary points out that big World politics is to be blamed.

It tells us obout Slovenian president's unsuccessful initiative. He was stopped by Condolezza Rice's, United States Secretary of State, threatening letter in which she suggested, that small Slovenia should not interfere with big politics. This film narrates about Tomo Kriznar's boldness. In the film he also offers a solution, which he finds on the peak of Djebel Mara Mountains, and at foot of this mountains Bin Laden's Al Kaida troops are being trained.

You will find out what kind of solution he found, when you see the documentary. With his very first film, Nuba, the Pure People, which talks about the genocide of Nubas in Sudan, Tomo Kriznar contributed to engagement of politics, politicians, activist and common people. It was (among other) also because of his courage and the film, he shot as an eye-witness of a genocide, that peace between Sudanese governement and the rebels was signed.

All the actions are always accompanied with humanitarian fund raisings.'


- www.idfa.nl
- darfurwarforwater.com