Recept: Reuzenzwam met Green zebra's

Green zebra


- reuzenzwam, jong
- olie en/of boter
- green zebra tomaten
- 1 ui, in ringen
- 1 prei in ringen en gewassen
- teen knoflook, geperst
- ketchup
- peper, zout, paprikapoeder


Borstel de zwammen goed schoon en snijd in repen.

Verhit olie en/of boter in een bakpan en bak hierin de zwam met de ui. Voeg hier de prei en de tomaten aan toe en laat even op hoog vuur, onder voortdurend roeren lekker bakken.

De overige ingrediënten toevoegen en nog een minuut of 10 op het vuur laten.


categorieën: Acties, films, schandalen

Grocery stores around the country are filling their dumpsters with food. Not rotten, spoiled food, but billions of pounds of good, edible food.

Why? Because the expiration date is nearing? Because it costs less to simply throw away excess food rather than do something helpful with it? Whatever the answer, the contradiction is profound: good, edible food is being thrown away in the very same communities where people are going hungry.

Follow filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and his circle of friends as they “dumpster dive” in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of L.A.’s supermarkets. In the process, they uncover thousands of dollars worth of good food and an ugly truth about waste in America: grocery stores know they are wasting and most refuse to do anything about it.

In the meantime, Seifert and friends no longer spend money on groceries. With nothing more than a big appetite and a strong stomach, they “dive” for Pacific Salmon, American Ground Beef, New Zealand Lamb Chops, Free-Range Whole Chickens, Pork Loins, and loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, and bread. Totally edible, totally free, and totally illegal.

Why aren’t grocery stores giving the food to people who need it? Seifert takes this question to corporate front offices in an attempt to find out. The result is equal parts entertainment, guerrilla journalism, and call to action.

The power of the film lies in its ability to motivate: it will move you to question the manager at your supermarket; it will move you to learn about food waste and the role it plays in your community. In the end, you might even find yourself in a dumpster.