Recept: frisse bananensaus

Rijpe bananen2


2 rijpe bananen
een pot sojayofu naturel, 500 gram
thl komijnpoeder
thl korianderpoeder


Prak een deel van de bananen tot moes en snijd een deel in plakjes. Meng dan alle ingrediënten tot een saus.


Als die te dik is naar je zin, kun je hem verdunnen met sojacuisine of sojamelk.
Een beetje citroensap toevoegen smaakt fris en weerhoudt de bananen van verkleuren.

De bananensaus is lekker bij Indiase gerechten zoals rijst en curry.

Edible City: Grow the Revolution

categorieën: Alternatieve landbouw, films, Permacultuur, Tuinieren


Thanks to the industrialization of agriculture, food is cheap and widely available in developed countries, but the social and environmental costs are dire. The system’s dependence on fossil fuels and chemicals has proven disastrous for our health and our environment. In the United States, healthy and affordable food is the exception instead of the norm.

But there is hope. Edible City tells the stories of people responding to the global food crisis in their communities and in their own backyards, and shows what we can do to create local, sustainable, and just food systems across the country and around the world.

Now is the time to tell this story about real people making real change. Edible City will provoke critical thought, further the dialogue surrounding food and our food system, and inspire audiences to action.

Edible City is directed by Andrew Hasse & Adam Goldstein, and produced by Bret Turner, Drew Beck, Chris Woodard, Dashielle Vawter, Carl Grether, and East Bay Pictures.