Recept: pizzakoeken


Dit is een hartige pannekoek, met de ingrediënten van pizza’s. Je kan er naar eigen smaak allerlei groenten en kruiden die hier niet genoemd worden aan toegevoegen. Of weglaten uiteraard.


voor plusminus 4 koeken:
- 100 gram tarwemeel
- 100 gram kikkererwtenmeel
- 5 dl water of sojamelk
- 2 theelepels wijnsteenbakpoeder
- 2 theelepels oregano
- zout
- 1 eetlepel gistpoeder
-1 eetlepel paprikapoeder
- courgette (geraspt)
- 10 gedroogde tomaten (in kleine stukjes)


Maak een beslag van de melen en het water of de sojamelk, het gistpoeder, de kruiden en het wijnsteenbakpoeder. Het beslag moet niet te dun zijn. Voeg eventueel nog wat meel toe. Doe de groenten erbij. Goed mengen.

Koeken bakken als pannekoeken op hoog vuur in olie.

Hijacked Future

categorieën: films, Klimaatverandering, Mensen algemeen, natuur en milieu, schandalen, wereldvoedselverdeling

Als je bij ons in de supermarkten kijkt lijkt het er op dat er genoeg voedsel is, er is zelfs overschot dat weggegooid wordt. Maar is er wel echt een overschot? En wat heeft de prijs van olie en de klimaatverandering hier mee te maken?
En wie heeft eigenlijk de controle hierover?

Allemaal vragen die aan de orde komen in de film Hijacked Future.

Van de site hijackedfuture.com

It’s 7 am: Do you know where your toast came from?
Eating breakfast toast: a simple ritual to start the day. The bread probably came from a bakery or grocery store, but beyond that who knows where the wheat came from – never mind the seeds that grew the wheat. Do we need to know? A new documentary, “Hijacked Future” says yes, because those seeds that became the toast you ate this morning are being hijacked - right into a looming world food security catastrophe.

Catastrophe? Wait a minute. We see plenty of food on our supermarket shelves.  Is our food security really at risk – or is this just scare mongering from the fringe? While our industrial system of agriculture is providing abundance and variety today, this Global Currents documentary warns us that it’s an unsustainable system that will not be able to nourish and provide for us and our grandchildren in the future. It’s a system that literally runs on oil, from fertilizers and pesticides, to the trucks and planes that transport food.  And the source of our food – seeds – is being hijacked by a handful of corporations from the farmers who have for millennia, grown and saved them.

who controls the seeds, controls our food

But why should we care about a farmer’s seeds? Aren’t companies developing new seeds all the time?  They are --  and that’s part of the problem -- because  who controls the seeds, controls our food.  More and more, that control is in the hands of a few multinational corporations whose bottom line is profit for their shareholders not necessarily an abundance of healthy food. Should anybody, the film asks, own seeds?

“Hijacked Future” takes us from the grain fields of Saskatchewan, to farmers and seed banks in Ethiopia, to north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, where the “Doomsday” vault is being built to stockpile seeds in the event of a global crisis.

The documentary looks at the increasingly fragile base of our North American industrial food system in order to bring all of us consumers of food to a better understanding of just what’s at stake with our daily bread.  It asks us to question the wisdom of a system precariously based on oil and corporate seeds while we’re at the same time witnessing the impact of climate change.

As the film says, “It all starts with the seed, and the stakes are high… because who controls the seed, controls the food… Who will control the seeds we plant, and the food we put on our tables?” Will our future be…Hijacked?