Recept: roerbak-paksoy



1 paksoy
1 pak rooktofu
2 wortels
1 rode paprika in blokjes
100 gram rijst


Kook de rijst.

Bak de tofu in blokjes lekker knapperig.

Snij de paksoy en de paprika in reepjes en de wortel in blokjes. Bak deze in een wok met olie.
Voeg sojasaus toe.

De gare rijst en de tofublokjes op het laatst even meebakken.


Pindasaus erbij.

Roundup Ready Food

categorieën: Genetische modificatie, Gezond voedsel

Van de site rodale.com.

Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the country, is sprayed on everything from cotton to canola, lawns to golf courses. So it stands to reason that the stuff winds up in our air and water. But when you're eating "Roundup Ready" food, as in, food that's been genetically modified to withstand all those dosings of Roundup, you're eating it too, according to plant pathologist Don Huber, PhD, professor emeritus at Purdue University. That's problematic because scientists are learning that Roundup affects defensive enzymes our bodies use to keep us healthy. Roundup also reduces a plant's ability to take up vital micronutrients that humans require for survival.

Better alternative: Corn, soy, and canola are common crops that have been genetically engineered to withstand heavy dousings of Roundup (or other glyphosate-containing chemicals), and foods containing these ingredients tend to contain higher levels of Roundup than other crops do. To avoid genetically engineered (GE) foods and Roundup in your food, buy organic.