Recept: smoothie met meloen

Shake nog ongeschonden


- halve meloen (galia- of honing-)
- 1 banaan
- 1 sinaasappel
- handje ongeroosterde cashewnoten
- 1 eetlepel lijnzaad
- 1 eetlepel kokosrasp
- beetje (soja)yoghurt
- snufje kaneel, kurkuma, gemberpoeder, kardemon, naar wens


Maal eerst de noten en lijnzaadjes in de blender.
Verwijder de pitten uit de halve meloen en de sinaasappel.

Meng alles goed in de blender.

Slow Poisoning of India

categorieën: films, Landbouw algemeen, Mensen algemeen, natuur en milieu

The Slow Poisoning of India is a 26-minute documentary film directed by Ramesh Menon and produced by the New Delhi-based The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). It deals with the dangers of excessive use of pesticide in agriculture. India is one of the largest users of pesticide in Asia and also one of the largest manufactures. The toxins have entered into the food chain and into our breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The film showcases startling case studies from Kerala where villagers in Kasaragod district are paying a heavy price as it has been exposed to pesticide spraying for many years. It talks of the health impacts in other parts of India and also on how the magic of the green revolution in Punjab is fading as land and water bodies have been poisoned.

But some farmers are bouncing back into better practices, and this is a silver lining shown towards the end. “Many farmers are now switching from chemcial to organic farming as they see that it is the only way out of getting into a spiralling whirlpool of debt created by the high cost of pesticides. Farmers like Tokia Modu in Warangal are waging a silent biological war against pests and are winning.