Recept: appelcake



2 appels
250 gram abrikozen
200 gram margarine
200 ml sojamelk
400 gram zelfrijzend bakmeel


Appels schillen en in stukjes snijden. De margarine smelten in een pan. De abrikozen in stukjes snijden.
De gesmolten margarine mengen met het meel, de sojamelk, de appelstukjes en abrikozen.

Doe dit alles in een cakevorm en bak ongeveer een uur in een voorverwarmde oven op 195 graden.

The 10 Things You Need to Eat

categorieën: boeken, Gezond voedsel

The 10 Things you Need to Eat and 100 Ways to Prepare Them is geschreven door Anahad O′Connor en Dave Lieberman, en gaat over de 10 dingen die je zou moeten eten om gezond(er) te worden.
De lijst bevat kaneel, biet, quinoa, noten, wilde zalm, bessen, tomaten, spinazie, avocado, kool en nog wat andere dingen.
In het boek staan recepten en er worden handige tips gegeven.

Van harpercollins.com/

The 10 Things you Need to Eat and 100 Ways to Prepare Them pairs New York Times health columnist Anahad O′Connor with foodie Dave Lieberman to present the 10 foods that should be on your plate, including the scientific research on why they will make you healthier and easy-to-follow recipes to savor them at every meal.

Each chapter will be devoted to a new food from the list -- cinnamon, beets, quinoa, nuts, wild salmon, berries, tomatoes, spinach, avocado, cabbage and some honorable mentions, including pomegranate, turmeric, Sicilian wine and more -- which have been proven to help prevent early onset of aging, cancer, or general fatigue, among other health benefits.

Anahad and Dave, who met when they were roommates at Yale, will bring a young, fun voice to this book. With their help, readers will not only be inspired to cook up entire meals - from appetizers to desserts - chock full of the 10 things you need to eat, but they will also become more informed and aware of the food that they choose to put on their tables.

This cookbook also sets itself apart form other health cookbooks on the market because of this dual voice and fresh package, including illustrations. Based on the hugely popular and widely shared New York Times article on this subject, The 10 Things you Need to Eat and 100 Ways to Prepare Them is sure to appeal to foodies, health nuts, novice cooks, and people who simply enjoy healthy living.