Recept: vijgen-witlof-salade



gedroogde vijgen (in stukjes, een nacht geweekt)


Alles in stukjes snijden en bij elkaar doen in een schaal. Inclusief (een deel van) het weekwater van de vijgen. (Als je teveel water hebt is dit lekker om zo op te drinken.)

Goed husselen.

The Burning Season

categorieën: Acties, Bio industrie, films, Klimaatverandering

Every year there is a burning season in Indonesia. Areas of rainforest the size of Denmark are cut down and set alight by farmers and corporations to develop palm oil plantations. Not only is the habitat of critically endangered orangutans destroyed, but new scientific evidence also shows that deforestation comprises 20 percent of global carbon emissions, contributing significantly to climate change.

The Burning Season is the story of a remarkable achievement by one young man not afraid to single-handedly confront the biggest challenge of our time.
Dorjee Sun, a young entrepreneur, believes there’s money to be made from protecting rainforests in Indonesia, saving the orangutan from extinction and making a real impact on climate change. Armed with a laptop and a backpack, he sets out across the globe to find investors in his carbon-trading scheme. It is a battle against time, but Dorjee’s determination to succeed will uplift and entertain audiences and inspire hope in our future.

Narrated by Hugh Jackman.
Directed by Cathy Henkel.
Produced by Hatchling Productions in association with Films of Record.